Watch Jav Online Takanobu from his son and his friend is also about to finish the exam. Reiko gently encouraged and supported two people. Takanobu has such a longing for such Reiko, one day, when I took the exam, I asked him to do a date. Reiko accepts from the joy that he is seen as a woman. And, although we date to Takanobu and son who I took the examination secretly, I will also have a forbidden relationship, even my body. However, Reiko who knew the pleasure of a young cock became unable to refuse courtship of Takanobu ..息子と友人の孝信は受験も大詰め。麗子は二人を優しく励まし応援していた。そんな麗子に孝信は憧れを抱いていて、ある日、受験に受かったらデートをして欲しいと頼むのだった。自分が女として見られている嬉しさから受け入れる麗子。そして、受験に受かった孝信と息子に内緒でデートをするのだが、身体までも求められ禁断の関係を持ってしまう。しかし、若い肉棒の快感を知った麗子は孝信の求愛を拒む事が出来なくなっていき.。 by