Movies Beautiful appearance, a model like a model, Wakana who is voice like a voice actor. I went out of my way from Niigata to here and came to visit today! It's fun stone Niigata getting messed up, the skin is beautiful, white, it's kind of strange feeling. It is not a feeling that comes very much with Nanpa, but it seems that today I came accompanying that I came to play in the city at a great price! It seems as if I cheat a country girl, but my heart is very painful, but my sexual desire is already a patience limit, so let me skillfully explain the words. 綺 麗な格好して、モデルみたいな体型で、声優みたいな声してるわかなちゃん。なんと新潟からわざわざこちらに出向いて今日遊びに来たそうです!流石新潟出 身ってことでめちゃくちゃ肌が綺麗で、白くて、なんというか儚い感じ。とてもナンパに付いて来るような感じではないんですが、今日はせっかく都会に遊びに きたということで付いて来てくれたみたいです!田舎の少女を騙すようでとても胸が苦しいんですが、私の性欲ももう我慢の限界なので、言葉巧みに頂きましょ う。 by