Movies An 18 - year - old Lolita girl named Yui who has not had a relationship with men yet.It seems that she was a virgin and I had not experienced much yet, but I applied for a performance to buy a present at surprise on my best friend's birthday."It was very sensitive and soon became painful," so I thought what was going on, but Yui asked eight challenges in the range that I could do!When I tried to shoot, I got my eyes firmly on the camera.And it seems pleasant to be touched with your fingers gently with your fingers.On the way, there is also a scene that I think that the inserted rotor will not come out and that it will go to the hospital.At the end I took a long time to finish with a handjob, but after watching the protruding thing "Oh, I saw it for the first time ~ Eh ~, awesome ~ awesome" and nothing little girl reaction.Yui who did not know anything, please look at this work which approached a little bit only for adults. by